For this special session on fitness landscapes we invite researchers to submit unpublished work specifically focusing on the practice of fitness landscape analysis. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Analysis of algorithm performance in relation to fitness landscape characteristics.
  • Practical techniques for characterising the features of combinatorial problems with large search spaces or approximating the features of continuous search spaces.
  • Practical measures for characterising dynamic landscapes.
  • Practical analysis of the fitness landscapes of constrained optimisation problems.
  • Characterisation of multiobjective optimisation problems.
  • Online fitness landscape analysis for the characterisation of problems during search.
  • Analysis of benchmark problem suites using fitness landscape techniques.
  • Generation of new benchmark problems with particular fitness landscape characteristics.
  • Analysis of the fitness landscapes of specific classes of problems or real-world optimisation problem instances to provide insight into algorithm behaviour or to highlight challenges in the practical application of fitness landscape analysis.